From a recent Red Rock News editorial:

“…There is nothing to suggest local representatives nor local officials colluded in this process…

…So voters who have their ballots in hand and are still on the fence have to weigh the following:

Do Sedona firefighters need to replace Fire Station 4 on Forest Road? Absolutely.

Should SFD vacate Fire Station 5 it currently co-owns with the generous Garland family in Oak Creek Canyon and build one at Slide Rock State Park? Certainly. Most canyon calls are near or north of Slide Rock and the park officials have stated they are solidly in favor of the plan. 

Should Fire Stations 1 and 3 be renovated? Eventually, and this bond could set the stage for that work…”

The full editorial is available on the Red Rock News website 

Recently, the Red Rock News posted a piece with some serious allegations and outlandish accusations about the SAFER Sedona committee and our support for public safety.

Unfortunately the paper made the decision to print salacious spin story in order to generate readership and manufacture controversy. As we’ve done throughout the campaign, we wanted to make sure you had all the facts.

Here’s the short version:

The millionaire opponents to the bond are operating illegally and the County is processing a complaint against them. It is cheaper for them to spend thousands of dollars illegally rather than pay their fair share of taxes; and

Americans for Prosperity, a national group, is making calls from Phoenix and out-of-state to convince you to vote no;

Read more about the opposition, their thousands of dollars in illegal campaign spending, and the national groups trying to buy your opposition:

SAFER Sedona is a registered political action committee. We report all of our contributions and expenditures related to political spending. We have received donations from businesses and firefighter groups throughout the state.

What wasn’t included in the Red Rock News was the illegal campaign activity from the opposition. A few local millionaires are spending money to prevent the passage of the Fire Bond. Why? They don’t want to pay their fair share to support a strong public safety infrastructure.

The group is illegally spending thousands of dollars to oppose the bond. But we don’t know how much, or on what, because they don’t want to report. The County is processing a complaint against the group because they have been operating outside of the law.

Now, a national group, Americans for Prosperity, is making phone calls from Phoenix and other states to try and convince you to vote no on the bond. Why? Again, it all comes down to money. They have donors who are willing to spend enough to oppose the bond because it is less than their fair share to support Sedona’s first responders.

The bond proposal has been vetted, debated, and critically reviewed for accuracy. Our PAC is thankful to have support from firefighters and Arizona job creators.

You can get all the figures and the facts about the bond here.

Election Day is right around the corner. Do the right thing – Return your ballot and vote YES! for the Sedona Fire Bond. It is a critical investment in our community that ensures when you have an emergency or call the fire department, they have the tools to respond. Rather than kick the can down the road and force the District Board to raise your mil rate to pay for improvements – a vote of the board, not of Sedona voters – know what you’re getting. The process has been transparent, our committee has been responsible, and we are following the rules.

It’s too bad the same can’t be said for the shadowed millionaires, who would rather spend money today to fight the bond than pay their fair share.