Sedona Fire Bond: providing infrastructure and tools our firefighters need!

I am a resident of the Sedona Fire District.  I’m in support of the $17,900,000 bond for the Fire District.  I commend the Fire Board and staff as well as the Advisory Committee for their hard work and time to justify such a request.  My support is simple; a fire district cannot function without proper infrastructure, apparatus, equipment, and qualified well-trained personnel.  These necessities cannot be compromised when you’re dealing with life and safety of not only the public, but also the firefighters and staff.  A bond is a quick fix to many problems and would be paid for over many years.  Quality fire protection and EMS is essential for the residents and visitors quality of life.  The Sedona Fire District has proven over many years their professional commitment to serving our community.  The least we can do is provide them with the infrastructure and tools they need to keep us safe.  Thank you for allowing me to express my support for this much needed bond.


Nazih M. Hazime