VOTE YES! on the Sedona Fire Bond

On Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, the Sedona Fire District will hold a bond election to ask residents to approve infrastructure and equipment upgrades for our first responders.

The Sedona Fire District needs stability and sustainability. The Citizen Advisory Committee and the Sedona Fire District have developed a fiscally responsible plan that meets the District’s capital needs as we move into the future. The plan includes voter approval for a $17.9 million Bond.

That sounds like a lot of money…but it is essential to understand the bond will be drawn upon in several offerings, not $17.9 million all at once. The bond will:

  • Rebuild Station 4, in uptown Sedona, at an estimated $5.5 million. Station 4 was built 50 years ago. Its structural integrity is in dire straits and it can no longer house today’s modern firefighting equipment.
  • Relocate and rebuild Station 5, in the Canyon, at an estimated cost of $3.1 million. Station 5 is currently located on leased land and because of the terrain, the septic system has to be drained every three days. Working in partnership with the Parks Department, a new shared site will be located at Slide Rock State Park, much more centrally located in the EMS coverage area that is far greater the fire protection area.
  • Third, and most importantly, it will bring our telecommunications equipment into the 21st century at an estimated $1.85 million. The current equipment is so outdated, radio parts are no longer manufactured, and must be pieced together from Craig’s List and other online resellers.
  • Finally, bond dollars will be applied to renovations at Station 3 (VOC) and Station 1 (West Sedona), and include replacing the maintenance facility. Additionally, apparatus, vehicles and equipment will be upgraded and replaced. Fire, EMS and rescue equipment are expensive. Every truck, ambulance, and engine purchase can put a HUGE dent in the operating expense budget. Providing an alternative method to finance capital expenditures allows the District to budget operating expenses without disrupting the steady ebb and flow of revenue and expenses, or paying outrageous interest costs associated with financing new equipment.


How much will it cost us, the Taxpayer?

The estimated annual cost of the proposed Bond will be $21.21 per year per $100,000 of the ASSESSED VALUE of your property – Not to be confused with market value, which is usually MUCH higher.

The average assessed value is $380,000. As such, the cost of the bond will average $6.72 per month.  Isn’t that worth it to have the most well-prepared, well-trained, well-equipped professional Fire District? Isn’t it worth it to protect your family?

There is no better time for issuing a General Obligation Bond. Interest rates are among the lowest in history. We must lock in the rate and ensure our District’s future.

Bond approval will not only provide critical resources for first responders, but create a roadmap for the future of public safety within our community. In 2016 alone, Sedona Fire Department responded to almost 4,300 individual incidents in and around Sedona. Without bond approval, Sedona Fire will be unable to rebuild crumbling fire stations and purchase new communications equipment that enables fast, and accurate, emergency responses.

Read common Questions and Answers: SFD-Bond-FAQ-Page-8-17-17-Final

CLICK to learn more about the bond and how it benefits Sedona’s first responders and our community.

Election Day is November 7th, 2017

Voting for the Sedona Fire Bond begins October 11th. You can only vote by your mail-in ballot – that means there is no physical polling place on Election Day.

If you’re a registered voter who lives within the Sedona Fire District, you will automatically receive a ballot. It is important that you return you ballot and vote YES! to approve the Sedona Fire District bond.


Need to update or check your voter registration?

You can register or change your information here. The deadline to register is Monday, October 9th, so be sure to submit your information today!