On Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, the Sedona Fire District will hold a bond election that asks residents to support infrastructure and equipment upgrades for our first responders.

Bond approval will not only provide critical resources for first responders, but create a roadmap for the future of public safety within our community. In 2016 alone, Sedona Fire Department responded to almost 4,300 individual incidents in and around Sedona. Without bond approval, Sedona Fire will be unable to rebuild crumbling fire stations and purchase new communications equipment that enables fast, and accurate, emergency responses.

You can read more about the bond in this detailed Q&A: SFD-Bond-FAQ-Page-8-17-17-Final

You can also read more about how the money will benefit Sedona’s first responders and the important upgrades it will provide by clicking HERE.

About the Election: Election Day is November 7th, 2017

Voting for the Sedona Fire Bond begins the week of October 16th. The election will be mail-in ballots only – that means there is no physical polling place on Election Day. If you’re a registered voter who lives within the Sedona Fire District, you will automatically receive a ballot. It is important that you return you ballot and vote YES to approve the Sedona Fire District bond.

Not sure if you’re registered to vote or need to update your registration? You can register or change your information here. The deadline to register is Monday, October 9th, so be sure to submit your information today!